đź”´Biden PANICS over Trump’s 4 BIG WINS!

We The People, emphasize the need for pressure on Congress, particularly Speaker Mike Johnson, to address issues such as border security and domestic concerns rather than focusing on international conflicts like Ukraine

Border Security and Domestic Issues

  - The focus needs to be on addressing domestic concerns, such as border security and the well-being of American citizens.
  - Speaker Mike Johnson and Congress should prioritize protecting the American dream and addressing issues within the country rather than involving in international conflicts like Ukraine.
Critique of Congressional Actions

   Criticism is directed towards Speaker Mike Johnson for not fulfilling his role as a conservative leader, neglecting border security concerns, and contributing to the erosion of the American dream.

   The American people need to demand action from Congress to stop unnecessary wars and focus on domestic priorities.

  Pressure should be placed on Congress to address critical issues facing the nation rather than being distracted by international conflicts.

 Concerns regarding Congress's focus, emphasize the need for action on domestic issues, particularly border security, while urging viewers to demand accountability from their elected representatives.

Do your duty, Speaker Johnson. The time for action is now.



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