'Who Elected George Soros to Dictate Laws?': El Salvador President Bukele.

"Who elected George Soros to dictate laws?"
President Nayib Bukele of El Salvador posed this poignant question, echoing the sentiments of many who question the undue influence of powerful individuals like Soros in shaping legislative agendas. Bukele's inquiry underscores a broader concern about the erosion of democratic principles when unelected figures wield significant influence over public policy.

President Nayib Bukele of El Salvador received an enthusiastic welcome akin to that of a rock star as he addressed a conservative assembly outside Washington on Thursday. Encouraging attendees to steadfastly confront what he termed "dark forces," Bukele urged them to embrace an unapologetic stance in the fight against such influences.

Speaking at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference, Bukele emphasized the importance of using El Salvador as a cautionary example. He implored individuals to heed the lessons from his country's experiences.

In his impassioned address, the President of El Salvador did not shy away from criticizing influential figures such as George Soros, whom he portrayed as a malevolent force seeking to undermine nations and democracy. Bukele accused Soros and other global elites of exerting undue influence on public policy and legislation within the United States, highlighting their purported disdain for American values and sovereignty.

Bukele's condemnation of Soros and the global elite resonated strongly with the conservative audience, many of whom share his concerns about external influences shaping societal norms and governance. His remarks underscored the significance of vigilant opposition against what he perceives as detrimental forces, including media manipulation and attempts to undermine national sovereignty.


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