United States Relations with Argentina - Transcript Friendship New cooperation. 2024

Argentina, US Friendship 2024
United States Relations with Argentina - Transcript highlighting friendship and cooperation. 

The following is a transcript of the press release issued by the Office of the Spokesperson of the United States Department of State on February 22, 2024, highlighting the renewed relations of friendship and cooperation between the United States and Argentina.

Reaffirming shared interests

Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken's upcoming visit to Buenos Aires on February 23, 2024, underscores their commitment to reaffirm shared interests and expand cooperation on several fronts, including trade, critical minerals, human rights, and security. This visit marks a crucial moment in strengthening the bond between the two nations.

Celebrating a Bilateral Relationship.

In 2023, the United States and Argentina celebrated 200 years of diplomatic relations, signifying the depth and longevity of their bilateral ties. The attendance of the United States presidential delegation at President Milei's inauguration further solidified the relationship, laying the foundation for greater collaboration in the years to come.

Commitment to Human Rights and Transparency.

The Argentina Declassification Project is a testament to the US government's unwavering commitment to transparency, accountability, and human rights. By releasing more than 11,000 records related to human rights abuses, both nations demonstrate their dedication to confronting the past while fighting for a more just and equitable future.

An Economic Association, US, with Argentina.

Economic relations between the United States and Argentina continue to flourish, with the United States being the largest foreign investor in Argentina. Through initiatives such as the Academy of Women Entrepreneurs (AWE), the U.S. Embassy in Buenos Aires empowers Argentine women to thrive in entrepreneurship, fostering economic growth and gender equality.

Scientific collaboration.

Scientific cooperation remains a cornerstone of the bilateral relationship, exemplified by NASA's collaboration with Argentina and the signing of the Artemis Agreements. By joining forces in peaceful space exploration, both nations are paving the way for groundbreaking technological discoveries and advancements.

Security cooperation.

The United States provides crucial assistance to Argentina in the fight against transnational crime and terrorism, underscoring its shared commitment to regional stability and security. Additionally, initiatives such as the Global Peace Operations Initiative (GPOI) highlight Argentina's active role in promoting peacekeeping efforts around the world.

Educational and cultural exchanges.

Educational and cultural exchanges serve as bridges of understanding between the people of the United States and Argentina, fostering mutual respect and appreciation. Programs like the Binational Fulbright Commission facilitate thousands of exchanges, enriching both societies and fostering lifelong friendships.

Climate action.

In the fight against climate change, Argentina emerges as a strong partner, committing to ambitious emissions reduction goals and sustainable practices. Through initiatives such as the Cities Forward Initiative, both nations collaborate on urban sustainability projects, demonstrating their commitment to a greener and more resilient future.

Atlantic Cooperation

Argentina's active participation in the Partnership for Atlantic Cooperation underscores its role as a positive force in advancing regional cooperation and prosperity. By joining forces with 37 other countries, Argentina contributes to a peaceful and sustainable Atlantic region, ensuring shared prosperity and security for generations to come.

The United States and Argentina are prepared to embark on a new chapter of friendship and cooperation, driven by shared values and mutual interests. As Secretary Blinken's visit approaches, both nations reaffirm their commitment to a partnership based on trust, respect, and a shared vision of a better world.

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Scheduled from Feb 23 2024 10:10 AM EST to Feb 23 2024 11:35 AM EST

Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken participates in a joint press availability with Argentine Foreign Minister Diana Mondino in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


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