Solar X Flares Take Down Cell Services

Climate Change or... Our Star Cycle is happening! Cycle 25. 
Solar Cycle 25, magnetic activity, holds significant implications for our planet and all living things. As we witness the emergence of new sunspots and the escalation of solar flares, understanding the radiation emitted during these events becomes paramount in assessing their impact on Earth and its biosphere.
This is the latest phase in the sun's natural cycle 25. 
Latest observations of solar activity, including an X2 flare, We have to recognize the potential magnitude of these events for the life of our planet. Passt Records and carbon dating indicate that solar flares of this scale have happened in the past, with some estimates suggesting events as powerful as X2000. Additionally, carbon dating studies reveal evidence of massive solar flares registering on Earth's geological records that have changed our planet for a millennium. 
So Looking at climate change Today, We can stop polluting, our world with plastic and many other mitigations, however, I don't believe we can change the sun and the universe. So for once let's stop blaming humanity! And get together so we can find the solutions to our dilemmas  " The Sun"  Our Star is blasting Planet Earth with radiation and plasma. 


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