Killing Heroes—How Communism Destroys Society | Suicide Squad.

Killing Heroes—How Communism Destroys Society | Suicide Squad.

The concept of iconic heroes like Superman and Batman turning evil and needing to be eliminated is a powerful metaphor that resonates beyond the realm of fiction. In narratives like Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League, where the Suicide Squad, typically composed of criminals, is tasked with neutralizing beloved heroes, it generates reflection on broader social dynamics.

Historically, attacking revered figures has been a tactic employed by those seeking to destabilize or reform existing power structures. In the context of communism, for example, the elimination of established heroes is often a precursor to the imposition of new ideological frameworks and the erasure of traditional values ​​and history. Karl Marx's notion of "forcible overthrow of all pre-existing social conditions" summarizes this strategy, emphasizing the need to uproot and replace established norms.

Today we see echoes of this phenomenon in contemporary discourse and actions within the United States. Cases such as the removal of statues depicting figures such as George Washington and the promotion of projects such as the 1619 Project, which reinterprets American history through the lens of racism and slavery, reflect attempts to challenge and redefine established narratives and symbols.

Furthermore, the depiction of Superman and Batman's demise in narratives such as Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League serves as a poignant commentary on the potential consequences of undermining and dismantling cherished cultural icons. It raises questions about the erosion of collective identity and the destabilization of social foundations when fundamental symbols and values ​​are questioned or destroyed.

In essence, the deaths of Superman and Batman in the context of the Suicide Squad story serve as a metaphor for the broader cultural and ideological conflicts playing out in contemporary society. It underscores the importance of critically examining the motivations and implications of challenging established norms and symbols, recognizing the profound impact such actions can have on the fabric of civilization.


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