Col. Tony Shaffer: Russia HITS Ukraine With DESTRUCTIVE FORCE

Russia-Ukraine War.
News update with Stephen Gardner and retired Colonel Tony Shaffer:

Dmitry Medvedev, the former Russian President, has issued a threat to launch nuclear strikes on Washington DC, Berlin, and London should NATO advance into territories that were part of Russia before 1991. Discussion arises regarding the sincerity of this threat.

President Biden is pushing for a $60 billion bill to support Ukraine, leading to negotiations with House Speaker Mike Johnson and prominent Republicans. Speculation arises about potential persuasion tactics and White House pressure on Republicans.

Vice President Kamala Harris' comments at the Munich Security Conference regarding Russia's losses in Ukraine are scrutinized for accuracy and potential exaggeration aimed at rallying support for the war effort.

Questions arise about President Biden's awareness of Ukraine's progress in the conflict and whether he is receiving accurate briefings or choosing to overlook certain assessments.

The media's coverage of the Ukraine-Russia conflict is examined, particularly the portrayal of losses on both sides and the potential underlying narrative.

Assessment is made regarding the status of the US-Iran conflict, including whether it is escalating or de-escalating, and its broader implications.

The increased activity of the US Navy in the Red Sea region due to conflicts with the Houthis is compared to levels seen during World War II.


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