Col. Douglas Macgregor REVEALS Truth Behind Ukraine Russia Conflict!

Retired Army Colonel Douglas Macgregor shares shocking truths with Stephen Gardner about the Russia-Ukraine War, Zelensky, Putin, Israel, and Iran. The US government has become a money laundering machine for the rich and the Washington DC swamp is dirtier and deeper than we knew

Senate passed a $95 billion security bill for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan; Republicans joined Democrats, cutting funds for US security, veterans, seniors, and children.😱

- Is this bill an example of the Military Industrial Complex warned by Eisenhower?

- House Republicans impeached DHS head Mayorkas, the first cabinet member impeached since 1876; the Importance of impeachment debated

Tucker Carlson's interview with Putin discussed; Putin's criticism of US priorities and willingness to speak out on US issues highlighted

Putin's confusion about the West's reluctance for peace with Russia emphasized the claims of the West disrupting peace talks addressed

Concerns raised about Biden's health and leadership in the military amidst reports of weak memory and energy

Speculation on Russia-Ukraine conflict under Trump presidency; Expectations of Trump's communication with Moscow contrasted with Biden's approach

Stephen Gardner  Stephen Gardner

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