America's social unrest and the war on truth | Media Watch

Communist China? #CCP infiltrated? unfortunately, we all distrust the media as well. The enemy of the United States!

It will be a civil war over fake news and fake social media. Corrupt and dishonest !!!! Soros? it is a monster.

You are completely DISCREDITED and Shameful. You are NOT news!

You are!!!

#Fake news!!

They are all sad and pathetic!!!

And distorted !!!!!

You have to resign !!!!

You are an impostor !!!!!!!

You are not a professional!

You abuse your power and that is repulsive and disgusting!

Your own Karma Will Get YOU WELL!

We don't care about your personal opinions!

Reporters need to be impartial and not show political bias.

You're bias and your statement and personal views

are obvious negligent and sickening.

You are unethical!!

Intellectually and emotionally deficient.!

I used to be a democrat but this went too far!!!

I am disgusted and demoralized.

This is going to end badly!

Really is what you are looking for?

This is very, very Sad... So thousands of people will die? And because?

this news?. How awful.!

We need peace and reconciliation! and what do you do?...

Horror after horror!

And ... you are responsible!

History will tell eventually! Your legacy will be hatred! Only? The good thing about all this is that you are exposed to your liers! You talk about division! Please listen to each other for a moment! You are the dividers! YOU ARE ALL FAKE NEWS AND a con man ABUSING YOUR POWER.
Inapropiett, an impersonator, masqueraded, pretender, a deceiver, hoaxer, fake, fraud, sham, charlatan, quack, mountebank, trickster, fraudster, swindler, hoodwinker, bluffer, deluder, duper, cheat, cheater,
defrauded, exploiter, rogue, a wolf in sheep's clothing, a phony, con man, and a con artist.